Delphi Research Priority Study: At Stage 1

British Limb Reconstruction Society Research Priorities Study   The BLRS would like to announce that the Delphi Research Priority Study is now at Stage 1 and it is now that we would like to invite British Limb Reconstruction Society Members to come forward and take part in this exciting new research survey.   It is… Continue reading Delphi Research Priority Study: At Stage 1

BLRS Annual Meeting 2022

Dates have been announced for the forthcoming 2022 BLRS Annual Meeting.   The meeting will take place in Brighton on the 24th – 25th March 2022.   For more information, please visit the BLRS 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting page here at the BLRS.ORG.UK Website. View more news Previous Featured Article Delphi Research Priority Study: At… Continue reading BLRS Annual Meeting 2022